The party is just beginning for Post-Party’s career and it’s already looking like a huge success

After the huge success of the debut single “Love You Everyday”, we caught up with the quartet to speak what lies around the corner. With over 3 weeks under it’s belt, Post-Party’s debut single has already had over 25,000 streams on all sites.

Hey hey! Are you guys off your cloud yet? “Love You Everyday” has been the talk of the town since it’s release! Was the success everything you hoped for?

We were chuffed with the release honestly. It’s so nice to finally have something to show for all of our hard work and to have people engage with it. That being said, we believe so much it’s ability to be a hit and to do even better! We just have to keep cracking on with it and pushing the tune.

For a strong debut single, what can fans expect from your other repetoire to come?

More of the same! We’re heading back into the studio at the end of July to record single 2. It shows we can be a bit moody from time to time but I do feel that it shows the same energy as Love You Everyday and definitely compounds our desire to make our songs super catchy and dancey.

As individuals to answer, what was the first album/track that made you realise you wanted to be a musician?

Matthew: I remember I broke my wrist and on the way to the hospital my dad played ‘Only By The Night’ by Kings of Leon. Definitely a mixture of that album and ‘Tourist History’ by Two Door Cinema Club!

Keelan: The Killers album “Hot Fuss” was an album I fell for at an early age. I think I’ve listened to it in full 100 times over. As a debut I think it ranks pretty highly and it’s definitely relevant to my melody writing.
Peter: The first album that made me want to be a musician has got to be when my dad introduced me to Exit Stage Left by Rush. It opened me up to just that prog side of rock music and the musical capabilities of all these musicians playing in odd time signatures and incorporating different styles and electronics into music. Was my first introduction into electronic sounds in music and was certainly the start of my growing curiosity for creativity outside of my primary instrument.
Colin: That first Arctic Monkeys album, like a lot of people!

Now Dublin’s music scene is fire anyway, are there any musician friends of yours that you’d recommend to our viewers?

Well we just finished an Irish tour with Strawman and The Jackdaws, they’ve an amazing energy and are really really good mates of ours. Nerves supported us for the Galway show on that tour and they’re debut EP just dropped! There’s a lot of amazing bands that are in the studio working on debut releases like Sky Atlas and Toygirl, definitely keep an eye out!
What made you become a band and dive into Indie-Pop? Can you recollect your best memory as a band yet?
I think we just naturally gravitated towards the indie-pop thing because it’s just what we all have fun doing. We really enjoy the challenge of making something that’s both artistically satisfying whilst also being easy for any sort of listener to engage with. We really loved our most recent show in the Grand Social. It was the end of our tour which we had worked so hard on but the atmosphere that night was just something else. It was just super lovely being able to play to our friends, family and celebrate the launch of our single.

Who would you say are your favourite artists out right now? Would you count them as influences, if so why?

Matthew: I’ve had the Ninth Wave’s EP on a lot recently and there’s always a Foals song playing in my head somewhere. I’ve finally gotten into The Killers too and the way Brandon Flowers writes his lyrics is something I’d love to pick up on.
Keelan: At the moment my Spotify library is a bit all over the place! I’m listening to Common’s album “Be” quite a bit. Also big fan of whenyoung’s new album “Reasons to dream”.
Peter:  Favourite artists right now would be Junior Brother, Jungle, Whitney and Parcels. Jungle and Parcels both for Disco and Funk led grooves and electronic elements, whereas Whitney catering to laid-back american indie guitar music and lastly, Junior Brother holding a place in my heart for my love of folk and his incorporation of Irish trad in his music, along with wit in his lyrics resonating with anyone who lived in rural Ireland.
Colin: That new Hozier album is great and ive been listening to Lizzo a lot. I love the rhythms in the hozier tracks and plus you have to support Irish.
What’s your favourite thing about playing live as a band?
That’s such a difficult question. It’s even harder to explain the feeling of when you’re on stage playing. Having people single your the words back at you and dance and have a good time actually never gets old mind.

You not long ago dropped the music video for “Love You Everyday”,what was that process like? Tell us a bit about that.

Honestly it’s all Colin’s handy work! He’s very talented at editing and reducing those types of videos. He did it all on his iPad! He started filming randomly on tour and by the end, he had enough footage to make it into a tour diary/music video sort of thing. If anything we see it as a love letter to our best friends who appear in the video and have been supporting us from the beginning. It’s as much for them as it is for us.

What’s next for Post-Party? Any upcoming releases?

Well our show in London is the first thing on our minds! Getting to play in the U.K. Is something we’re very very excited about. Also as I said before we’re buzzing to get back in the studio at the end of this month and get single 2 done and dusted.

What advice would you give to musicians who are just starting out and need that friendly nudge?

Just do it. Being in a band is to cool to not try. So just do it!
You can listen to the debut single below.