Their new album is out January 24th 2020 


Following their critically acclaimed debut album in 2017, Vuvoki are officially back!


The official announcement of a new album follows two singles ‘C.L.A.U.D.I.A’ and ‘Behave’, which signaled an exciting direction for the group.


“When writing All That Candy I was going through a really angry stage towards my OCD,” explains singer Janine Shilstone. “Angry because I physically wanted to hurt this thing which I couldn’t, so talking back and standing up for myself seemed the next best thing. I think our songwriting has come on so much since our debut album, but our mental health has got worse. This album is our therapy and we hope it’s going to help a lot of people as well.”



“I want our songs to let people know that they’re not alone in feeling crazy.” “I want to give people who feel that way a little bit of comfort. I want them to feel less alone. I want to let people know that it’s okay to be weird, and for them not to feel isolated because of it.”  Janine Shilstone

Fall Better track listing:
1. 17359
2. Violet Minds
3. Aura
4. C.L.A.U.D.I.A
5. Behave
6. Play With Me Cos I Can Take Me
7. Verify Your Worth
8. All That Candy
9. I’m Sorry
10. Where Are You
11. White Lies
12. Run/Hide

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