The alt-pop duo unveil their brand new video for single ‘Confession’…


“‘I was out in Tokyo working with the Japanese Philharmonic Choir in March and was totally inspired by the city,” says Nai Jannson, one half of upcoming alt-pop duo RINNGS. “Miyu Aikawa (dancer, choreographer and fan of the band) saw I was in Japan through Instagram and DM’d me. When we saw Miyu’s thread we fell in love with her and Daiju Iwakame’s smooth and effortless dance style and asked them to choreograph a piece to ‘Confession’.”

The most recent single from the pair, ‘Confession’ builds upon their unique blend of electronica that was first debuted in last year’s hypnotic effort ‘Cutting the Cloth’. This time around their RnB undertones have given way to bassy beats and rhythmic percussion, all overlaid with the falsetto vocal of Karl Zine. Existing as two sides to a coin, RINNGS marry these two contrasting elements – and only these two – to create a sound that is truly their own. Accompanied by such stunning visuals, the coming together of two likeminded individuals via dance is mirrored by that of RINNGS own creative union. Together, the result is captivating and emotive.

“We had the whole video shot at 120 frames per second as I wanted to be able to play with the timing of the dance in the edit,” explains Karl. “The idea was to create movements that sync perfectly with the music, but also have a feel of distorted time, to reflect how the perception of time seems to change when you’re in an emotionally intense situation. The incredible fluid movements of Miyu and Daiju seemed to fit perfectly with this idea and we ended up using almost everything they shot on the day.”

‘Confession’ is available now.