Her debut album has been a long time coming, but VÉRITÉ does not hold back in ‘Somewhere In Between’. The whole album is something of a war cry of alt-pop perfection, which is no surprise after the year she’s had. The success of her first single ‘When You’re Gone’ and a stunning cover of The 1975’s ‘Somebody Else’ needed an album to top it off, and boy does it.

Speaking of her first single, ‘When You’re Gone’ opens the album and it provides the perfect foundation for the rest of the tracks, using subtle darkness and a roaring chorus to create the epitome of the opener. It resembles the kindling that ignites the album, with a fiery ensemble.

The first half of the album revels in a laidback RnB style, primarily ‘Bout You’ which rocks up a little bit of a change of pace, but her lyrics throughout the songs are the real standout, with her fast-paced voice and delicately playing them against the chilled alt-pop beats.

‘Saint’ triggers the second half of the album as the Brooklyn singer shakes it up with some stellar anthem-style beauties. This gives the catalyst of how this turns out to be an incredible example of VÉRITÉ’s prowess in the alt-pop scene. ‘Solutions’ is without a doubt the standout of the album, mixing up the tempo, and using her interchangeable vocals to deliver a true anthem.

It’s plain to see throughout the album that VÉRITÉ has had enough experience playing around with her style, sampling different things here and there, and merging them all together in ‘Somewhere In Between’ has created a delightful alt-pop experience which everyone should get a taste of.

‘Somewhere In Between’ will be released June 23, 2017, via Kobalt.