The mysterious, Twin Peaks loving duo detail how they created their arresting new single…

The 80s are having bit of a thing at the moment, aren’t they? This is by no means a bad thing; some of the most forward-thinking and fun music came out of that era. It is no surprise then that bands such as That Gum U Like are currently looking over their shoulders to the past for inspiration.

The electronica channelling, husband and wife duo show a darker side of their native Brazil, infusing the murky atmospherics and longing of iconic bands The Cure and Cocteau Twins in their latest single ‘Killer’. Needless to say, we had to find out more from Popinigis and Andressa D…

Your recent release ‘Killer’ had us entranced with its mystique! Can you tell us a little about what went into creating the track? What was inspiring you lyrically?

We could say that our lyrics are a reflex of what’s happening in the world we live in. In this particular lyric, we tried to express how one can become destructive in many contexts and, at the same time, break away and become a better human being.  

There are a number of audible influences including elements of trip hop mixed in with Chromatics-esque electronics and the Cocteau Twins’ atmospherics. What artists are you most inspired by and how do you think they have influenced your sound?

We love the atmosphere and texture created by dream pop and shoegaze bands, such as these you mentioned. We were also inspired by Flume’s album Skin, which has a lot of these elements as well, besides the electronic instruments. Popinigis was able to see Slowdive live show for the first time this year and it was very inspiring. There are other brazilian bands that are working in this psychedelic/ethereal aesthetic, such as My Magical Glowing Lens, Teach Me Tiger and Papisa that inspired us to create something similar.

‘Killer’ feels like it is a million miles away from the sound of your previous track ‘Falling Apart’. How did you progress so much in regards to your sound in such a short period of time?

It’s good to know that you had that feeling. We would think of it as a result of a deep focus we put into creating a four track EP, within a wider context of references, musically and thematically.

You’ve both been active as artists previously, most notably under the guise of DeltaFoxx. How did you meet and what made you decide to collaborate together on this project?

We are married and live together! Haha. That makes it much easier for us to work on the songs. Andressa D. sang for the first time on one of DeltaFoxx’s songs and that was when we all realised she has a great voice. Three years ago Popinigis had the idea of recording a cover for The Cure’s ‘Charlotte Sometimes’ with her voice and since then we had this idea that we could work on something together.

‘That Gum U Like’ is referenced from a line of dialogue in TV show Twin Peaks “That gum you like is going to come back in style”. What made you choose that name? Is it a reference to your retro sound?

Yes, definitely. We thought it was catchy and could be understood as a reference to some retro style that could be “coming back in style”, haha. The bands we mentioned before also brought us that feeling.

Are you big fans of Twin Peaks and David Lynch? If so, what is it that you love about his work and has it inspired your own?

It’s hard to put in words what we love in Lynch’s world because his movies cause us feelings that can’t be explained in a simple way. Of course, there’s the mystery, the cool photography and his investigations on the dark side of human being. Also, music is central on his work, so we believe it’s not unusual that his movies can inspire bands and musicians in general.

What do you hope people will feel when listening to your music?

We like to think that people will listen to it loud in headphones or PA’s, because there’s a lot of details and frequencies we worked on and we’d like people to pay attention to. Hopefully, doing this they will tend to get lost in the music and lyrics, thinking about stories or past events that meant something to them.

Is there anything else you would like to add or are there any more releases in the near future?
Yes! We have a forthcoming EP, called The Black Lodge (also inspired by the TV series Twin Peaks as a whole) that will be released on December 8th by Quadrado Mágico, a Brazilian label that means “magic square” in reference to Brasília, Brazil’s capital, which looks like a square in the map. It will contain remixes by artists for every song in it, including Renato Cohen, kurup, Mari Perrelli and Meduna.

That Gum U Like’s ‘Killer’ is available now.