Two Door Cinema Club – Gameshow

It’s fair to say that the Irish lads of Two Door Cinema Club haven’t had the best of times. It says a lot about the music industry (and the world) that superbly talented, hard working bands like TDCC are driven to ridiculously high levels of anxiety that consequently mean that they have to temporarily step away from music entirely. Fortunately, in this case, they have admirably returned, proving that we can’t get rid of them that easily with third, full-length LP, ‘Gameshow’.

Their return, deservingly so, was welcomed with open arms, proving that fans had definitely not forgotten about them and there was nothing but excitement for their upcoming material. There were many speculations over whether their sound would have been completely changed, after all, the minds behind the music had had a tough few years. What we maybe didn’t expect was for them to have dived down deep into 80’s nostalgia.

Where “Gameshow”’s predecessors saw direct and energetic guitar riffs drive tracks forward, working in partnership with electrifying synths, “Gameshow” sees tracks lead by funky synths and a clear impression that their main focus is the lyrical content.

With the title track touching back on that guitar vitality of their former days, tracks such as “Bad Decisions” show that there is a lot to love about their new direction, emphasising what we all already knew in that TDCC have the capability to create intelligent, excellent pop music. Lyrically focussing the track around the impact that social media is continually having on younger generations, but formatted in a super sweet package, it’s no wonder the track was chosen as one of the lead releases.

Similarly impressive lyrical content is seen on punchy, synth lead track “Are We Ready? (Wreck)”, tackling today’s largely consumerist culture, and let’s not ignore the pointed remarks at organised religion in track: “Good Morning’.

It’s not just high energy tracks that form the album either, as they try their hand at a heavily nostalgia bathed ballad in “Invincible” a track, that brings in rhythms seen on the likes of Kylie Minogue’s “Especially For You” – an ode that we have no choice but to appreciate.

There’s a lot of ambition to this album and although it’s not quite superseded their previous material, you’ve gotta respect it contextually. It’s full of positivity and it’s proving a point that there is still a place for Two Door Cinema Club in today’s music scene. There’s a lot more to come from them and this is an excellent re-entry, starting point.

They’ve thrown out any rules they were following and now they’re exploring, paving the way for a new, much more powerful TDCC.