Meet Delamere, a band born in Stoke and making their mark on the Manchester music scene. They sold out their album launch party in Leek, Stoke on Trent last week for their self titled debut… and you can trust us when we say it was a pretty hectic affair. A job definitely well done, to say the least. We got in contact with the band, to find out a bit more behind the tracks of the album, so you can really get a feel for what exactly makes this album so special.

1 – Bright Young Things

BYT started out exactly as you hear on the recording, with Fitch’s 4 bar guitar riff. We pretty much built the song around this. This changes in the final chorus is what makes this song one of my favourites on the album. A solid opening track in my opinion.

2 – Regress

Drum and synth driven anthem which before getting dropped in pre-production originally contained a 2-minute double time outro that wouldn’t have sounded out of place on a Block Party / 2 Door Cinema Club collaboration album circa 2009. We just let our producer Rich Turvey go bonkers on this track with synths. No idea what this is about, Fitch’s lack of pace? I don’t know. Maybe. Good driving song though.

3 – So Long

This track is basically just made of up 4 parts, synth, bass drums and vocals. I wrote the music literally in a couple of hours at home and once Fitch delivered a great vocal melody the song was complete and ready for us to take to Parr St and record the next week. This is probably our rawest track on the album and is one of my personal favourites.

4 – Kill It

Kill It came about from 2 completely separate ideas that fitted together perfectly. The drum and guitar part which I wrote myself (intro/verse) and one that Fitch and Ash had worked on (Chorus). All it took was a slight tempo change and there we had it, Kill It. Done. The best part of this track is definitely the guitar and synth combo solo.


5 – Black and White Space

After going through a phase of writing separately before collaborating and rehearsing, Black and White Space took us back to the basics, 4 people in a room, writing a song on their instruments. The track went through a large amount of structural changes but its current form was undeniably the best. This song was another of ours written around a Fitchford guitar loop. Interesting fact – we had the name for this track before we had actually written anything.

6 – Heart

Heart is one the first songs we ever wrote as Delamere to make it on album, it’s aged like a fine wine and not too many changes have been made since the original. This track was written by Fitch when he was bed ridden due to pericarditis, a swelling around his heart. Once you realise the true meaning behind lyrics you’ll listen to it in an entirely different way. :’(

7 – Woods

An old favourite of ours, re-worked and stripped back with subdued synths, an emotional vocal performance and a dark story to go with it. Woods was the last track on our album to be recorded and the only one produced entirely by myself.

8 – Headstrong

Headstrong was our second single working with Rich Turvey. Recorded back in 2014, the track took a while to come together and went through one of the biggest transformations of any of our album tracks under Turvey’s production leadership.

9 – Betty Boop

This is probably the track that we got the most requests to record and is one of our favourites to play live. Fun fact – we recorded the guitars for this on the stage of a primary school hall. Alright it’s not that fun, but it’s all I’ve got.

10 – Rain

Rain is one of our later additions to the album, not quite as punchy and in your face as a lot of our other tracks which makes a nice change and works well as the final track. Fitch wrote this entire song over a 4 bar loop I’d made and it’s basically about people who constantly try to shove their ill-informed opinions down your throat and take advantage of your good will.