The Red Leslies are heading in the best direction with garage rock track, ‘Intercourse Weapon.’

Forming in 2015, core members Luis Sanchez and Adrian Martinez went through blood, sweat and tears to get to where they are now. Originating from Southern California, they’ve been creating their sound and well deserved exposure. Raw, guitar driven riffs filled with garage rock drums and Julian Casablancas type of vocals – The Red Leslies fuel this daring track with energy. This is a song you’d have on full blast while driving. Fast, but still obeying by the rules. Pumped with adrenaline and the process of a post-punk track, Intercourse Weapon has layers of texture. Dripping out of every pour, it’s sweaty and rages in teenage angst. 

“With Intercourse Weapon we wanted a saturated, transistor sound.  we wanted it to sound the way a glitched tv looks. And so naturally, the lyrical elements pulled from the saturated lights and busy sounds of walking along a city night – Adrian Martinez”

“The song lyrically turned into a cathartic release for me. From all the political noise and misdirection bogging down our voices. I saw it on faces on the bus rides to work. We’re so fatigued and tired of it, there’s so many of us who are being wronged by so little people – Luis Sanchez”

A political message hidden into this short but strong track.
Sneak preview below of the track, due to drop tomorrow.