6 single releases, 1 EP release and a massive home town show; 2018 was all about the music for the alternative duo.

It has been an entire year since the release of ‘Everafter’ and the New York duo Me Not You have spent the year concentrating on the music. ‘Everafter’ was their first track release from upcoming EP Reckoning 2 and hit No 1 on Hype Machine. Interestingly, they revealed on Facebook the drum pattern in the outro was inspired by a drum circle Eric heard in the park. It’s amazing how inspiration comes when you least expect it.

Only a few weeks later, the duo released ‘Eventually’, the complete antithesis to ‘Everafter’ due to its stripped back, partly acoustic instrumentation and optimistic mood. It’s clear Me Not You enjoy being open with fans, sharing details many would keep quiet. They revealed ‘Eventually’ was written around the time of the band’s conception and it finally felt like the right time to share it with the world. They continued: “It’s a personal song for me… an attempt to hype myself up to the idea of squashing the beef with someone. The baggage of relationships can linger, and it does no one any good to keep that shit around.” Wise words.

‘Everafter’ was added to Spotify’s The Other List and they released their third single of the year ‘Surfers’. This marked their return to a darker tone. Possibly one of our favourite Me Not You tracks, ‘Surfers’ has a real reminiscent feel to it that transports you right to the West Coast in the ’90s. ‘Surfers’ was their final single release before their second EP Reckoning 2 dropped in March.

Reckoning 2 could be seen as the heavier counterpart of their debut EP Reckoning 1 from 2017. The two could be paired together, however, you can hear a clear development and establishment of their sound between the two. They state the lyrics of the final track on the EP, ‘Straw Man’, helped keep them down to Earth despite the World’s turmoil and being on tour.

It wasn’t until June that we heard from Me Not You again when they released brand new music in the shape of ‘Imagine That’. This track is a lot more down-beat to what we’ve become accustomed to. An atmospheric backdrop to gentle, angelic vocals gradually intensifies into an understated, melancholic version of the Me Not You sound. ‘Imagine That’ came together rather swiftly and was inspired by the Santa Fe school shooting in Texas. They state, “We wrote the song as if writing to the shooter, and to all the shooters, imagining what we would have said to them had we had the chance before they did the horrible things they did. The sense of powerlessness overwhelms us, so here we fantasize about having the ability to do something, anything.” Me Not You admirably donated 100% of the revenue from the song to March for Our Lives in support of stronger gun violence prevention measures.

Me Not You released a lyric for ‘Imagine That’ in July and the track appeared in Hype Machine’s Top 10. The following month, the duo had a break from writing and recording and played their first live show of 2018 at Brooklyn’s Baby’s All Right. Then September saw not one but two releases from the duo, ‘Buried Alive’ and ‘Stranger’. The singles were their last releases of the year, and they played their last show of 2018 in October, but it was a big one. Me Not You supported Californian alternative rock band The Neighbourhood and New York synth-pop project Porches at their sold-out New York City show.

2018 was all about writing, recording and releasing music for Me Not You. We can’t wait to see what they have in store for 2019!

Me Not You provided us with a little insight into their year and what’s to come: “A year flies by. Since [the release of ‘Everafter’] we put out our second EP, Reckoning 2, and then this past fall we dropped a string of 3 singles. We finished the year’s cycle of touring with our friends The Neighbourhood and Porches at Terminal Five, here in New York. Since then, we’ve been holed up in the studio working on our debut LP, which (hopefully…) we’ll have done, ready to drop before the summer. Big plans ahead for 2019.”