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Montagu | Who Made Me

26 July 2017

It’s always interesting to find out what/who inspires the sound of our favourite bands, so you can thank us later. Hailing from Blackpool/Leeds, Montagu, are quite the appealing band. Incorporating influences as [READ MORE]

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The Strypes | Who Made Me

31 May 2017

The Strypes have indeed been busy, following the announcement of their brand new album ‘Spitting Image’ they thrust lead single ‘Behind Closed Doors’ into our lives, complete with a pretty colourful [READ MORE]

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Happyness | Who Made Me

11 April 2017

It’s been a bit of a whirlwind for London trio HAPPYNESS. The band are finally back with new album Write In after teasing us for an age with a slow drip of [READ MORE]

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Kagoule | Who Made Me | AYL? Fest

27 March 2017

Things have been a bit quiet in the realms of KAGOULE as of late, which is not a phrase particularly associated with their name. The Nottingham based trio, who released their [READ MORE]

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TEAR | Who Made Me

24 February 2017

“It’s great when anyone likes your music, I guess it’s always a surprise” says Camille Benett, songwriter, vocalist and guitarist of upcoming rock four-piece TEAR. “You just make stuff that [READ MORE]

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Bearcubs | Who Made Me

17 February 2017

To say that London-based electronica maestro BEARCUBS has been busy as of late is a bit of an understatement. In the past year alone man-behind-the-moniker Jack Ritchie has released an EP, a [READ MORE]

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