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REVIEW: FRIGS @ Hare and Hounds

9 November 2018

The whole show was a plethora of influence as FRIGS showcased their solid set at the Hare and Hounds, Birmingham.

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Review: Fizzy Blood – Pink Magic EP

7 September 2018

Fizzy Blood won’t be fizzing under the surface much longer: Their brand new EP Pink Magic arrives 14th September.

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Review: Tommy Ashby – Restless Love EP

13 July 2018

‘Restless Love’ shows how Tommy Ashby is a master storyteller, who knows how to write fantastic guitar-pop. Ashby is definitely one to watch.

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Review: Let’s Eat Grandma – I’m All Ears

28 June 2018

‘I’m All Ears’ solidifies Let’s Eat Grandma as the rising stars of pop music. This is an album that defies all expectations, creating new, star-reaching ones in their place.

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Review: Team Picture – Recital

25 May 2018

Made up of two equally fantastic sides, Team Picture’s ‘Recital’ is quite possibly one of the best debuts of the year.

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Review: Now Now – Saved

14 May 2018

Now, Now have decided that now is the time to gloriously burst away from the unturned precious stone from which they’ve been hiding all this time.

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Review: Mad Hawkes – Undone

11 May 2018

Mad Hawkes releases her brand new debut EP Undone filled with restless energy, her trademark style of ‘Babe Rock’ and a message of female empowerment.

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Review: Castelle – Polychromatic

30 April 2018

This week marked the beginning of a very promising and colourful career for Detroit-based artist Castelle. Polychromatic is a titillating glimpse into the young musician’s imagination.

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Review: The Slow Readers Club – Build A Tower

25 April 2018

Build A Tower invokes a desperate sense of dystopian desire.

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