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Introducing: ROE

10 July 2019

Having just got back off tour with Snow Patrol, we sat down with ROE to talk all things past, present and future

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Introducing: Lauren-Paige

22 May 2019

After dazzling ears with the subtle but intriguing Boy In Blue, Lauren Paige talks upcoming releases and what the future holds

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Introducing: Dearly Beloved

8 May 2019

Deeply in love with their latest single “Race to the Bottom”? Find out the ins and outs of Dearly Beloved and what’s around the corner for them

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Introducing: fraser m

7 May 2019

Creating a breathtaking soundscape with his music, we caught up with fraser to talk all things music and what lies ahead

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Introducing: SKAUSS

24 April 2019

Hidden figure Skauss unveils the layers behind his latest 10-track piece of art ‘Whoami’.

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Introducing: James Deacon

15 April 2019

A rising prodigy in the making, James Deacon is making the most of his own awakening.

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Introducing: LaKyoto

10 April 2019

Utterly bewitched by LaKyoto’s sound? Take a step into this interview and you will find all the in’s and out’s of the band Mixing it up with latest track “Invincible”, [READ MORE]

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Introducing: Mouth Breather

5 April 2019

“Boyfriend” has been the latest scandal to drop from Mouth Breather. We caught up with Owen to find out his musical experience so far and talk about new single “Go2bed”

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Introducing: Bora York

22 March 2019

After their triumphant return with the breathtaking “Dry Land”, we caught up with Bora York to talk all things bright and beautiful. Hear what the couple had to say on [READ MORE]

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