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15 November 2018

‘No Sleep’ for the LOVE SICK: Glasgow’s dynamic duo have been hard at work on their brand new EP.

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Review: Fizzy Blood – Pink Magic EP

7 September 2018

Fizzy Blood won’t be fizzing under the surface much longer: Their brand new EP Pink Magic arrives 14th September.

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Review: Tommy Ashby – Restless Love EP

13 July 2018

‘Restless Love’ shows how Tommy Ashby is a master storyteller, who knows how to write fantastic guitar-pop. Ashby is definitely one to watch.

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Review: Mad Hawkes – Undone

11 May 2018

Mad Hawkes releases her brand new debut EP Undone filled with restless energy, her trademark style of ‘Babe Rock’ and a message of female empowerment.

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Review: Lokki – Cirrhi

16 April 2018

Starting out his musical journey in the jaunty indie-rock outfit Glass Animals, guitarist and singer Drew MacFarlane aka. Lokki has stepped out from behind the curtain to release the wonderfully spiritual Cirrhi EP.

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Review: Pizzagirl – An Extended Play

13 April 2018

Pizzagirl delivers another slice of electro-pop brilliance with his latest release An Extended Play

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Getting to know… Zanski

3 April 2018

Canadian vocalist and producer Zanski talks to us about his new EP, Derivative Emotion, his influences and dream collaborations.

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Review: Trudy And The Romance – Junkyard Jazz EP

13 November 2017

Trudy and the Romance’s latest EP bends time and unleashes a conglomeration of cartoon inspired 50’s nostalgia.

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Hannah Lou Clark – The Heart And All Its Sin

23 March 2017

  The next step in Hannah Lou Clark’s bid to conquer the rock genre is here. Her new EP, ‘The Heart and All Its Sin’ takes us on a rollercoaster [READ MORE]

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