In our third Spotlight in partnership with SYNCR Music, we discussed secrets to success with the unique Little Dot.Big City.

Eloise Rees, better known as Little Dot.Big City, is a “big believer in storytelling” and has been melting hearts with her writing since the age of 14, regularly appearing in the Oxfordshire music scene. Her YouTube channel showcases her seemingly effortless ability to play live, brimming with videos of acoustic performances as she believes “there is a certain intimacy that comes with being an acoustic performer, you can sometimes feel very vulnerable”. Eloise states her secret to achieving such a rich, full sound while performing acoustically is through the use of different guitar tunings and reverb on her vocals; “I’d like to eventually try some harmony & loop pedal techniques to help with this though, I’d say it is a craft I am still very much learning!”

Like so many artists, the singer-songwriter credits her parents’ record collection as her principal influence: “I used to listen to a lot of folk, ’70s and country, particularly the likes of Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Stevie Nicks, Joni Mitchell, etc.” More recently, Eloise has been listening to fellow female singers Laura Marling, Lisa Hannigan and Lissie.

Life as a musician can be a difficult one with negativity and knock-backs being a central part of life. To overcome this, Eloise constantly reminds herself of why she pursued music in the first place, to “always remain passionate about playing” and that “music really is a true love”.

Little Dot.Big City’s 2017 release ‘Call It a Sin’ is her personal favourite due to its lyrical content and creative process. Eloise explains, “it’s a song I hold very close to my heart and one that I really enjoyed recording because it really took me out of my comfort zone.  I love the way the song grew to a full production but also love the fact that I equally enjoy performing it with just an acoustic guitar”.

As a teenager, Eloise found her high voice a cause for embarrassment, however it has now become her signature sound. She found her unique vocal style was synonymous with that of Joni Mitchell and is now thankful for it: “I found her very inspiring growing up as she has such a high range, she made me realise the potential of having a naturally high voice”.

Over the years, Little Dot.Big City has performed some sparkling covers including Bruce Springsteen’s ‘I’m On Fire’ and Snakehips’ ‘All My Friends’. Despite there being many reasons into why she finds a particular track interesting, she sites lyrical content as the main factor: “I like to hear and feel the story, something that comes from the heart. I also love the attention to melody and chord progressions, this is something I think about a lot when writing”.

Eloise let us into a little secret: she’s the happiest she has been in a long time! Of course this is great news, however a happy mind can often be detrimental to a songwriter’s abilities. However, as always, Eloise is embracing the positives and hopes her new joyous love songs will be as popular as her previous hits: “I think there is a lot of strong female artists emerging at the moment which is very inspiring! It’s nice to see some diversity in the charts now and this makes me feel more comfortable with pushing the boundaries and exploring subjects.”

Eloise is hoping to start recording her new EP later this year meanwhile working on building up her YouTube content, writing and gigging. Don’t miss her when she’s playing near you!