‘My music is a mix of sweetness, elegancy and passion, because everything that I sing I have lived it somehow, somewhere.’

Carito Plaza is a Chilean singer, songwriter and vocal teacher helping “young singers discovering there voice”. Her brand of fun, dancey, soul hopes to “evoke images of sweet memories, romances and sunny fun afternoons.”

Throughout her life, Plaza and her music have “grown together”. As a child, she experienced bullying at school, creating a shyness around her and her music. When she moved to a new school at 16, she was asked to sing at a festival to represent the school. At first, she “thought it was a joke and the bullying was gonna start again” but after performing (and winning with) ‘My Heart Will Go On’ by Celine Dion, she had won over the audience, and her new school mates. “To hear the cheers, claps, people screaming for me.. I just felt in love, and I’ve never left the stage again.”

After coming out the other side of bullying stronger, with more personality and belief in herself and music, her and her first band jumped in at the deep end, travelling, visiting radio and TV shows. “The music world can be very intimidating when you’re 17 but since I suffered so much in my adolescence, singing was so liberating”, “the place I felt most secure in the world was on the stage.”

“From Soul to Funk, Pop to Bossa Nova, Nu Soul and Acid Jazz, Latin-American to Rock”, influences in her work come from the energetic. “I consider myself a fun person and everything that I compose is deeply related to my personal life so to be fun in my music is very important.”

In Chile it’s very hard to be and independent musician mostly because the clubs don’t want to pay and because an artist requires a lot of investment.” However, with crowdfunding, Facebook campaigns, government funding and social media, she’s been able to travel with her band, playing shows and festivals around the world. ‘I’m still growing and developing my music, I have reached places I never imagined, but you can never stop learning’.