Thanks to SYNCR Music, we discovered the incredible Cameron Sanderson who we believed deserved a Spotlight…

He may be new to us, but Cameron Sanderson is no stranger to the music scene. He burst on the scene back in 2014 with his debut EP Southbury and hasn’t stopped since. Now with an impressive following, and unable to rest, the Londoner is back with his second EP of 2018, Fatefall. “I’m constantly writing music,” Cameron explained. “I’m currently sitting on over 15 tracks for the project after my next EP (yet untitled) that is already ready to go. Funny thing is most of those will probably not even be released. I like working at a fast pace and giving my fans what they want as much as I can. It’s part of the thrill and love of it.”

Highlighting Cameron’s social lifestyle, Fatefall follows the stories of the different characters Cameron has encountered at parties,but put into one figure that is referenced throughout the EP as ‘She’. Only on ‘You’re Okay’ does it take the perspective of an outsider”. Cameron believes this EP has a new dynamic, focusing on his own experiences and emotions more than ever before. “It feels like the more I write the more I’m finding myself”. Judging from the response of his dedicated fans, expect more of this style of writing in the future.

Like many, music has always been a part of Cameron’s life. Citing his parents’ love of Kerrang as an early influence, the artist can’t remember a time without it. From a very young age, I woke up to the sound of Kerrang blaring from my parents living room TV speakers. You could say I became attached to it, and as time went on, absolutely obsessed with every aspect of it. Now I can’t imagine a time where I wasn’t thinking about music every second.”

In creating his dark electronic music, Cameron finds inspiration in multiple genres from rock to R&B. He also finds inspiration in his surroundings and modern technology. The internet is quite a prominent part of my life now so I’d say that alongside all the surroundings I take significant notice of inspires me the most. With the world at your fingertips, it’s hard to not be constantly inspired by a variety of things.”

Cameron first found fame when a video of him playing a cover of Bring Me The Horizon‘s Sleepwalking on the streets of Harlow went viral on YouTube. He also recently teased a cover of Bring Me The Horizon’s ‘MANTRA’ on Facebook, but Cameron stresses covers are not his priority. My original music is what I really care about. Covers are a way of keeping current with my surroundings and reaching more people. And I like new people. If something new comes out and I like the sound, then I’ll cover it  – with a Cameron twist.”

Coming up, Cameron Sanderson is planning to take planet Earth by storm with a world tour, but in the meantime, make sure to catch him at his upcoming Leicester and London shows where you can expect “an experience like no other. More energy, more passion, more visuals. More. ADHD is going to hit you in the face”. Now, who wouldn’t want that?