Bryony Dunn

The lovely Bryony Dunn is next up for our Spotlight in partnership with SYNCR Music.

We discovered the amazing Bryony Dunn thanks to SYNCR Music. Residing in the Surrey Hills, the singer-songwriter takes inspiration in everything from technology to life itself. And that’s what her latest single ‘Full Bloom’ is all about; the idea that technology made the grass seem greener for her and her friends (who feature in the video). “It really was the most amazing time”, Bryony divulged, “however, it was also filled with anxious anticipation of what was going to happen next for us”. 

The more advanced production techniques evident in ‘Full Bloom’ demonstrate a shift in not only Bryony’s songwriting talents, but also her taste in music. Her previous release ‘Golden Girl’ consists of a more traditional instrument line-up, reflecting her folk roots. Bryony provided us a little background into this: When I started performing songs, I just had a guitar at my disposal. I love indie folk music anyway and those were just the songs that came out and it was easy to perform them without sounding totally different to any recorded version! It also meant that the songs really had nowhere to hide, so I really improved my writing whilst playing acoustic.” Along with her experimentation, Bryony also found she was varying the artists she listened to, and began co-writing with Tom Read which “unlocked” her new sound.

Bryony’s varying musical paths are more a reflection of her development as an artist, experimenting with different sounds, than a change in identity. She doesn’t prefer one sound over another, she lets her emotions dictate the music. She states every mood pretty much requires a different genre”, however at the moment she is enjoying creating “shiny pop stuff” so expect to hear more of it!

Like many, songwriting is very much a cathartic process for Bryony: Whenever I am feeling anything really intensely (which my friends and family will tell you is a lot) I pull up my notes app and try to just get it all down in lyric form or sometimes even just a block of prose. Then I’ll start writing it straight away or bring it to a session or sit on it for a while. But its all about getting it out of my head and straightening it out.”

She has had a typical musical upbringing too. Preferring her dad’s “mental” music collection, consisting of an eclectic mix such as Genesis, Supertramp, Paul Simon, Kate Bush, over anything in the charts, music has been a part of her life from the very beginning. “Apparently I would sing along to whatever my parents were playing on the speakers before I could even speak,” the singer-songwriter told us. She is partial to a bit of Stromzy, though.

Currently, Bryony cites her main influence as Christine and the Queens (“She’s so cool!”), along with life itself, of course. She’s also currently listening to Bleachers and Troye Sivan: “I guess anything that sounds ’80s, haha (check out Blanks covering Post Malone‘s ‘Better Now’), or anything on my artist playlists on Spotify. If you like ‘Full Bloom’, go check them out!”

When asked what we can expect from her next, she replied with, My EP! Hopefully”. Keep an eye out on her website and social sites for updates plus live date announcements. “I am really really excited about what I’ve been cooking up!”

‘Full Bloom’ and ‘Golden Girl’ by Bryony Dunn are available to stream and download on all major platforms now.