Beth Duck

Ahead of the release of her debut solo single, we spotlighted the incredible Beth Duck and talked collaborations, influences and youth.

Thanks to SYNCR Music, we discovered the incredible voice that is Beth Duck. Hailing from London, the electro-pop artist has undergone numerous collaborations, including our favourite ‘Sick of Love’, which have earned her millions of streams on Spotify. However, her name remains relatively unknown… For now.

Beth is now on track to make a name for herself, she excitedly told us, I am actually releasing my first solo single ‘Out to L.A’ on November 2nd, which is a song I co-wrote with Jack Wilson (member and producer of Fickle Friends)”. This release will kick off a series of solo releases continuing in 2019: “this is my focus now, more so than collaborating”.

Like many artists, Beth found an interest in music at a young age and trained in classical singing through her school years, taking up as many instruments as she could. “I was writing songs from age 10 and I taught myself to play guitar at age 13″, she explained. This led her to begin gigging around her local area, performing solely original works. Her main influences as a flourishing singer-songwriter were ABBA and Shania Twain: “two artists that I still love to this day and listen to all the time as I have always felt very connected to their lyrics”. However, Beth describes American singer-songwriter John Mayer as her biggest influence: “as soon as I heard his music I knew I wanted to write and play guitar just like that”. 

Despite her classical/traditional music upbringing, Beth states she always had a “love” for pop music and found a “passion” for music production at 16 which she went on to study. As a result, her writing went down “a more electronic route, starting with my collaborations with producers such as Art Bloc and Lucian”.

Beth cites Dua Lipa and Julia Michaels as examples of the many successful female pop singer-songwriters currently owning the music industry which she bases herself on. However she also emphasises that she endeavours to “stay unique and become my own individual artist”. She’s currently listening to Spotify playlists such as New Pop Revolution as she states, “I love finding new pop acts and this inspires me to write music that I love and music that might one day make its way into that playlist”.

Up next, Beth will be focusing on releasing solo material and becoming more involved with my audience by gigging more”. If you’re around Soho on 9th November, make sure you head down to Beth’s first ever headline gig at Spice Life and hear her first solo single live!