Shawn Mendes’ debut studio album, Handwritten, created a lot of buzz on both sides of the Atlantic. Many of the young hitmaker’s fans believe that this youngster has the talentto go the distance.

In April 2015, Handwritten was released and took the world of pop music by storm. The rawness in his voice won the hearts of many and he was soon a firm favourite for number one. . 

The album received mixed reviews from critics, who were divided regarding the songwriting. On Metacritic, the album received a score of 58%,  with many critics believing that Shawn Mendes, at 16, had showcased a lot of promise. Audiences across the globe seemed mesmerized. 

The album sold 119,000 units in the first week of its release and ended up topping the US Billboard 200. Consequently, he became the youngest artist in over five years (since Justin Bieber) to have a number 1 album on the Billboard 200 chart.

Almost all of us like deep and heartbreaking lyrics, don’t we? Despite receiving a lukewarm response from the critics, the lyrics were loved by the masses. The simplicity of the lyrics is believed to have played a major role in the album’s popularity.

Every teenager has a love story. As teenagers, all of us have crushes in high-schools, don’t we? We fail to put those feelings onto paper. Well, that is exactly what Shawn Mendes did. He, with his album, stoked the flames lying buried within a teenage heart. Moving on, all of us like listening to songs dealing with heartbreak. Such songs are powerful enough to capture anyone’s attention. 

Known for his ‘baby’ face, his voice also has traces of innocence and naivety. is songs are ‘ornamented’ by countless traces of innocence, there is a sense of melancholy in his creations that ends up pulling the listener toward his songs. Teenage girls everywhere are bound to go ‘awww’ when they hear his songs playing. The lad is based in Canada but has been mesmerising audiences all across the globe. 

With raps and fast-paced lyrics on the rise in popularity in the world of music today Shawn Mendes’ heart-warming lyrics come as a breath of fresh air for some. There’s raw charm in both the lyrics and Mendes’ voice. 

To top it all, many of us love simple, lighthearted and heart-warming lyrics at some point or another.  Music is something that helps us relax and rejuvenate. Turning to it whenever we are tired and/or disheartened. Shawn Mendes, catchy lyrics in tow, brings life to the feelings lying buried within the heart of a teenager.  Grab your tickets right away and don’t miss out on the chance to see Shawn Mendes bring his music to life even further. 

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