A debut album under their belts, a whole string of live shows too and VUKOVI are having quite the exciting year…

We can finally say that TRUCK festival is THIS week, we’re excited, we’re sure you are excited too, we spoke with VUKOVI ahead of their set this weekend.

Hey, you guys are super busy at the moment, you seem to be everywhere! Most recently 2000 Trees and TRNSMT, how was it? How’s your festival season going so far?

It has exceeded all expectations. I think this festival season so far has been an obvious indication of how well our album has actually done. The turnout for our sets and the interaction – for us that’s been the clarification.

Your self-titled album came out earlier this year, how have you found the reaction to it so far?

Exceeded all expectations. We were truly happy with it when we finished recording it, but we didn’t expect as many people to feel the same.

You’re heading to London next month at Scala for a nice support slot for Grouplove, are you excited? Do you have anything special planned?

Great band and intrigued to see how their fans will receive us.¬†We always have some special planned…

You’ve made a ‘Making of the debut album’ short film. What inspired this?

Jason’s bro Miles is an amazing videographer considering how early on he’s at in his career. He offered to come and go during the recording process, and honestly half the time we forgot he was there, which I think captures the best footage and truly represents us.

You’re playing at Truck Festival next week, looking forward to it?

Absolutely not. Festivals stress me out but it’s the high you get out of them that’s addictive.

Is there anyone you’re particularly excited to see at Truck Festival?

Nothing But Thieves, all day long.

If you could collaborate with any artist on the lineup, who would it be and why?

Nothing But Thieves, purely because I think we have a similar understanding when it comes to music and being creative.

What can people expect from your Truck set? Any new material appearances?

We’re there to have fun and not play it safe.

How does playing festivals compare to your own gigs? Do you have a preference?

They’re both so different, festivals are more hectic and you have to try harder with the crowd, but the rewards are more satisfying.

Have you got many other festival appearances planned for us to get excited about?

Reading & Leeds, which has been on the bucket list for us.

What are your top festival survival tips?

If all else fails just add glitter and alcohol.

And finally, for those lucky enough to be going to Truck fest, in a few words, why should they come see you play? Think of this as new music speed dating, no pressure, 30 seconds, GO.

I don’t need to sell our band. Soon as we step on that stage we’re there to have fun and if people wanna get involved, that’s a bonus.

Find out more information and buy tickets to see VUKOVI live, here.