The band that have potentially released the most impressive debut single this year, meet APRE. They’re about to take over the world don’t you know?


London duo, APRE, released a slick, confident and impressive debut single earlier this year, they’re set to release an EP very soon, but in the meantime, they’re already on their way to The Great Escape, amongst a few other impressive festival slots.

Hey guys, how’s everything going?

Very good thank you, excited about getting out there for festival season.


You’ve gathered some pretty hefty amounts of attention for a band who’s only just released their debut single, how does it feel to you? 

Its all very strange considering it all just started as a bit of fun on a laptop in a bedroom, it’s therefore very honouring that people from the around the world seem to be loving it.


Did you have any expectations or specific hopes/goals when releasing the single?

It has already exceeded our expectations as it all started out as a laugh on a laptop, but ultimately we want the song to become a ‘feel-good’ anthem.


What’s the main thing that you hope that people will take away from your music? 

We want ‘All Yours’ to take people to a different space full of happiness and dancing. We love a dance.


You’ve just released the video to ‘All Yours’, where did the inspiration for it come from? 

That video was actually a happy accident as we were just in a garden doing some press shots and then one of our Grans just started flying her drone and then as if by magic, we had a video!


Were there any ideas for it that you scrapped? 

Not really it was all a happy accident thanks to the drone skills of one of our grans.


When songwriting, where do you mostly go to for inspiration?

Our inspiration comes from vibing off each other in that room, we are both multi-instrumentalists so the ideas bounce off the instruments.


Debut singles are always really important, how did you know that this one was ready to be released? 

To us ‘All Yours’ really made sense for our first release as it sets the tone for the APRE world that’s yet to come, with a little bit of the past, present and future within it.


What can you tell us about any upcoming material? Are there any surprises coming our way? 

Feeling like heaven, Gas masks and drum machines.


Have you got any EP plans?

Our first EP ‘The Movement Of Time’ arrives 25th May.


You have a few festivals lined up already including The Great Escape, how excited are you?

Very much so, we have a good slot at The Great Escape and we are looking forward to playing on the beach.


Do you have any ultimate festival goals?



What’s the most important thing for you about your live show? 

To eliminate that barrier between our audience and us, to send everyone into a different world, and to get everyone to have a dance and escape from every-day reality.