This weekend marks the last ever Secret Garden Party (*sobs*), but there’s one thing that’s for sure. The Moonlandingz are gonna inject the right amount of weird into it to make it a festival to remember. We spoke with Adrian Flanagan from the band to get an update on the year they’re having so far, what to expect from their set and more…


Hey! How’s this year going for you guys?

Considering we pretty much came from the ground, it’s been pretty good I guess, sell out shows everywhere, blanket rave reviews for our debut album… We’ve covered some miles this year… I’d like to say I can’t complain, but I really can, I’m British and Northern!!

The video for ‘The Rabies Are Back is quite the odd one. How did it come about?

Lias’s, warped and terrifying imagination.. if he wants to shave with a big log, he will shave with a big log… It took us 3 minutes and 45 seconds to film that video.. the blood was all real!

What’s next for you, post summer?

We’ve been playing pretty much every week since the start of the year all over the world, so possibly a liver transplant and a lie-down.(Laughs) Lias is writing and recording a new Fat White Family Album, which so far is sounding great from the bits of demos I’ve heard. Dean & I will be doing some new Eccentronic Research Council stuff with the actress, Maxine Peake (the group that the fictional band, The Moonlandingz were born from), been doing quite a few fun remixes for people recently which will be coming to light soon, also slowly building up a bunch of ace new potential Moonlandingz tracks and ideas for future records, I’ve also got a few secret projects on the boil. Creativity pours outs of me like wax from an enormous burning church candle.(laughs!!)

You’re playing at Secret Garden Party soon, looking forward to it?

Yeah, I literally spend my nights counting the minutes till Cambridgeshire!

Is there anyone you’re particularly excited to see at Secret Garden Party?

Babes! (Laughs)

If you could collaborate with any artist on the lineup, who would it be and why?

I’m not entirely sure who is on the bill, we normally just rock up late, get thrown in a Portacabin by some grumpy stage manager, where we immediately proceed to smash the rider and everything else into our faces till stage time…but whom to collaborate with… Hmmm…I’ll have to say, Steve Davis.. there’s not enough Prog rocking, techno dropping, snooker champions in music!

What can people expect from your Secret Garden Party set? 

Nakedness, cross dressing, Glory Holes, Ketamine sex dreams, a lot of groin swabbing, filthy filthy R & R, psychedelic visions from a slightly under cooked Jerk chicken – and that’s just the St. John’s Ambulance people in the crowd during our set !!

How does playing festivals compare to your own gigs? Do you have a preference?

I prefer Moonlandingz people over other people, though 9 times out of 10, other people become Moonlandingz people!

Have you got many other festival appearances planned for us to get excited about?

We’ve played loads already, after Our Friday night appearance at SGP, we play Truck fest on Saturday, following weekend we guest with GOAT at Brixton Academy, then Route Du Rock in France and End of The Road!!

What are your top festival survival tips?

Have a driver, stay in a hotel, be paid to be there!

And finally, for those lucky enough to be going to Secret Garden Party,  in a few words, why should they come see you play? Think of this as new music speed dating, no pressure, 30 seconds, GO.

We are the antithesis of that pop hobgoblin, Sheeran. We are the epitome of excitement. We are Gods of melody & joy, sex and danger. A maelstrom in the sea of good taste. A guiding light to inner freedom, everyone else on the bill bar, Toots & The Maytals, should just tuck their shirts in and get a proper job!!” (laughs).