In anticipation of Latitude next month, we’ve spoke to one of the most exciting small acts set to play the festival. Despite having just two tracks out, Minke looks to be a highlight of the Alcove stage on the Saturday.

She’s also kindly made us a playlist of the music she’s most excited to hear at the festival!


What’s the story behind your new track ‘Armour’?

It’s really about letting go. You can’t be happy when something heavy’s weighing you down… so let it out baby


Are there any new acts you’re going to be keeping an eye out for at Latitude?

Honestly I hadn’t really looked at the line up too much til you asked me that but it’s sick!! Can’t wait to dance my ass off at Otzeki


There’s a couple of gorgeous remixes of ‘Gold Angel’ on your Soundcloud, is that something you’d ever like to do yourself?

I’m pretty shit with technology so as much as I can hear how a remix could sound in my head, happier to leave it to the pros



You’ve already released two brilliant tracks, ‘Gold Angel’ and ‘Armour’, but can you tell us what’s coming next?

I’m taking things as they come at the minute. I’m writing all the time and have some studio time coming up soon so maybe that’ll turn into an EP, who knows… Also, just heard some really cool live dates have been confirmed for the end of the year 🙂


The line-up for Latitude is looking excellent, if you could collaborate with any artist or band on this year’s line-up, who would it be and why?

I’ve been listening to Mavis Staples all my life so it would have to be. I love her so much, her voice is like honey


What can we expect from your set at Latitude?

Feels + Shredding