lightniingIt’s just one day until one of the best festivals in the UK! To celebrate we had a chat with The Lightning Year, who play the Hope & Ruin on Friday night at 00:30.


You recently played your first headline show (which you sold out) at The Waiting Room, how was that experience?
It was so much fun. We really fed off the energy from the audience, which gave the gig a real party atmosphere. I must have lost about a stone in sweat too!


We’re loving your new track ‘The Needle’, can you tell us a bit about it?

It’s a celebration of the soothing effect a good record can have on the soul. You know when you’ve had a crazy day and you think you’re going mad?| Well, you stick the needle on that piece of black plastic and it all dissipates – we wanted to capture that blissful feeling in the track.


Are there any new acts you’re going to be keeping an eye out for at Great Escape?

There’s just too many to mention but King Nun and Superfood sound like they’ll be immense live so we’ve got to check them out. Also, Jay Som and Cosmo Pyke are really cool solo artists, love their chilled vibes.  There’s also Dream Wife, Slotface, Flamingods and Japanese House are really nice too. We’ll also be catching our great pals Honey Lung as they’re always awesome.



Do you have any pre or post gig rituals?

Try not to get too fucked up before we play, or sometimes try and get more fucked up!! Pace around the venue and do ‘dayyoh’ vocal warm ups in the street. After the gig we normally end up going onto clubs or house parties, depending on what and who is about.


The line-up for the Great Escape is brilliant this year, but if you could collaborate with one artist or band on this year’s line-up, who would it be?

If we had to pick one it’d probably be Rat Boy, he’s got a great sound and so much positive energy – I think his electronic beats merged with our sound would be a really fun and pretty mental combination.


What can we expect from you next?

We’ve got a few festivals and support slots lined up for the summer, including Festival No.6 and Secret Garden Party. We’ll put a new single in the summertime too – we might even stretch to an EP if we’re feeling particularly generous!