meadowlark-2017In anticipation of this years’ Great Escape festival (which looks incredible, as always), we had a chat with one of the bands we’re most excited about playing there. Meadowlark are playing at The Fountain Head (The Alternative Escape) at 2.40pm on Friday 19th, where you might even be able to hear a bit of their upcoming debut Postcards.


Your music videos are all fantastic, can you tell us about the importance of these visuals to you?

Thank you! For us, songs are just one element of what we do – adding visuals allow us to create more depth and meaning to our lyrics and personify the song in a visual form.


What would you say your Mantra or objective is as a band? 

To inspire as many people as possible through our art! To make people feel something real and to connect to something higher.



Your recent EP Nocturnes featured a brilliant Sugababes cover, what other musical influences might we not at first expect?

We’ve both got quite a soft spot for rock music. Silverchair, Nirvana etc. Our car playlists are extensive.


Are there any other small pop groups or artists around now that are getting you excited?

Polyenso! A small band in the US who are phenomenal at what they do.


Do you have any pre or post gig rituals?

Good wine, good food and good chat. General excitement.


Who are your favourite artists playing at Great Escape this year?

An artist we just collaborated with is playing! He’s called EMBRZ. Can’t wait to see him do his thing. Honestly though, one of the great things about Great Escape is wondering around and discovering new artists as you go.


What can we expect from your upcoming debut Postcards?

You can expect to hear a body of work that includes all our growing pains and learning curves from the last 4 years as a band.