Now, Now have decided that now is the time to gloriously burst away from the unturned precious stone from which they’ve been hiding all this time.

It’s been almost half a decade since the release of their critically acclaimed debut; Threads.

In that time KC & Brad seem to have been mastering the art of polished production. Trading in their thrashing guitars and artistically sharp sound for plush synths and driven but mellow melodies, all the while holding on to the emotionally charged and all too relatable subject matters.

Take note, that from this point on, you may be lured into the lucid and charmingly warm atmosphere of Saved, the second studio album from Now Now.

Opening things up, ‘SGL’ teases the candid throws of an acoustic guitar, before layering the soft vocals of KC smoothly over the top. The track ebbs and flows with different sections contributing different rhythms and sounds. Whether it be the humming fuzz of the bass guitar or the seamlessly tailored harmonising vocal; ‘SGL’ is a simple but effective catalyst, which will prepare your ears for the dreamscapes that are set to follow.

‘MJ’ is Now Now’s latest release, and it promotes a rather bizarre but undoubtedly unique concept. During an interview with DIY Magazine​ KC & Brad had to say “This song was written from the perspective of me speaking to Michael Jackson about a deteriorating relationship.” Alongside the interesting lyrics comes an energetic and infectious melody, which no doubt stands a proud tribute to the hook writing prowess of, KC’s idol, the king of pop.

With breezy effects sneakily leaking in, ‘Holy Water’ establishes a firm fuzz, which will momentarily muffle your sense of hearing. Track six adopts religion as it’s crux and litters a deep underlying bass with distinctive percussion sounds (presumably borrowed from the foley department of a film production). However, you’ll probably too fixated on the hypnotic and heavenly vocals to even notice the interesting flux of sound effects.

The title track ‘Saved’ swoons into earshot with the unpredictability of a tornado on the horizon. Employing the broken sounds of chopped vocals, the track gathers momentum as it goes on. Gravitating towards the storm, the middle 8 section acts the breaking point, where once fragile and delicate essence cracks and ascends through the funnel. Expelling a blasé retort to all the anguish that preceded, ‘Saved’ bears witness to the moment where hindsight bursts through the clouds and washes over the mistakes of the past.

Saved saunters past the many faces of human connection; dealing with, and occasionally reminiscing on, notions of lust, jealousy and the fear of rejection. Elegantly waltzing barefooted on a knife edge, Now, Now’s second studio album fearlessly juggles the notions of a dysfunctional relationship. Teetering tantalisingly towards one side of a blissfully optimistic romance, before drunkenly falling backwards towards the darker side of torturous mind games.


SAVED will be released on 18th May