Four-piece Little Grim outshine their South East London residency with their debut collection of coming-of-age tales.

The emotional trials of adulthood are testing in more than one way for the many, and that’s where Little Grim come in with their debut EP ‘Pink Skin / Blue Bruise’, as they deal with the passions and pitfalls of entering adulthood in a vibrant, violent city.

Lead singer Joe Murphy says, “I’m not great at communicating my feelings in person and music is a way for me to package the emotions up into something I can look at from a distance, however mysterious or strange it may feel afterwards. This EP is a real reflection of that. It’s a snapshot of some scary transitional moments in life – a rough break up, losing my job, being emotionally overwhelmed by city life – and translated them into something that helps me understand them better.”

The name of the EP ‘Pink Skin / Blue Bruise’ comes from the lyrics in the opening track ‘Infectious’. Exploring the background to ‘Infectious’ Joe explains, “The words are about intimacy turning manipulative and abusive, but not necessarily physically. It’s about a bitter string that leaves a pain running inside you, which inevitably bubbles to the surface.

It’s clear that this 5-track release packs a punch behind it, full of emotion, Little Grim have made their official entry. With the gentle and ‘bluesy’ feel to ‘Infectious’, the angst flickers of emotion throughout ‘Play Nice’, and their infectious atmosphere in ‘Silence’ that follows through to the rest of the EP. The band have made one of the cleanest and most original debuts this year.

Pink Skin / Blue Bruise tracklist:

1. Infectious

2. Play Nice

3. Silence

4. Exit Light

5. Hoodie (remastered)