With harmonies that will send shivers down your spine, Austel’s five track EP Unfold will take you on an emotion filled journey that will captivate you from start to finish.

Following a warmly received trilogy of singles, ‘Crows’, ‘Lost At Home’ and ‘Anaesthesia’, Austel exposes her true talent of both her voice and songwriting skills, through her honest and raw debut EP, Unfold. An emotion filled reflection of modern life, Unfold consists of five songs that explore the pain and struggle of a long-term relationship with your own identity and the unknown.

Beneath the raw emotion that enters our ears, and the melancholic tone, Unfold is a positive message that ventures into finding peace in being alone and the renewal of yourself. The journey that this talented young artist will take you through, will capture you in her vocals and transport you to a different place. Her harmonies will send shivers down your spine with her effortless voice hitting all those notes without hesitation.

You would expect with this much musical talent and soul that she pours into her music that Austel has always found her sound, however the artist had a background rooted in classical, jazz and indie music. Austel was ready to step out of Devon and into the unknown as she moved to London to seek a new life, just days after turning 19. Austel joined forces with multiple musical projects, however it wasn’t until she started working with producer Adam Stark in late 2016 that Austel finally found her sound and the direction that she was born to take. Stolen weekends and evenings at Adam Stark’s studio in Peckham, South London, Unfold was created with moody electronic soundscapes and reflective lyrics that breathed from Austel’s soul. Austel reflects on her EP, and says:

‘From the insecurities and self-doubt observed in tracks like ‘Lost At Home’ to the restoration of inner strength and release found in ‘Crows’ and ‘Hours’, these songs accompanied me through a significant process of cathartic release and regeneration. For me, they represent a new beginning; taking the core of pain and heartache and turning it into something beautiful that brings clarity and hope.’


Lost At Home’, speaks the truth about feeling lost in yourself and not feeling like you belong anywhere. ‘These rooms are not my home, this is not where I belong anymore’ are very powerful lyrics and the emotion that pours from the lyrics and the piano-led melodies create that sense of the unknown in the mystery and haunting effect that is produced musically.

As Austel says, ‘Crows’ and ‘Hours’ represent positivity, following ‘Lost At Home’, representing a new beginning for the artist. As soon as you press play on new track ‘Hours’ the enchanting music echos in your head with beautiful harmonies that add depth to the track. During the end of the song the repetition of, ‘Forget the days you left behind, there are other hours to find’ are thought-provoking words that will get you thinking. This track therefore recreates this pain into hope, finding peace in herself.

Unfold is full of soul and emotion that is mirrored through powerful lyrics and layers of harmonies that are accompanied by electronica piano music, captivating you for hours.

We caught up with Austel a few weeks ago to Unwrap her newest single ‘Anaesthesia’. Head on over and learn more about the track and her music inspiration.

Austel’s five-track EP Unfold is out now on Spotify and Soundcloud. To celebrate the launch of her debut EP, Unfold, Austel is performing with her live band at The Finsbury, London on 23rd July so head on over and get ticket here!