Anna Gilbert

Pulling you in close for her debut track, this is WYLDR’s “Runaway”

Up and coming songbird, Anna Gilbert, lead singer of WYLDR has been creating tension by leaving her fans waiting for the drop of her debut track “Runaway”. Due for release 11th Jan, we at Born Music are getting an exclusive into the mind of the Portland, Oregon songwriter and the dance worthy track itself.

“I wanted my debut single to draw people into the overwhelm of an intense connection between two people. I wrote “Runaway” about the feeling you get when you meet someone for the first time; when the chemistry is palpable and you feel like you want to run away with your new fixation. We referenced some old school sounds to give it that childhood crush/prom night rush quality.”

Throwing the nostalgia aura around the room, the track has a refreshing sound and pushes towards sounding like an offspring to Simple Minds. Vibrant and colourful – it’s everything you want a debut to be like. Optimistic lyrics create a warm nature towards the future. There’s no denying WYLDR, your future will be bright.

Being released tomorrow, here’s a cheeky preview to the track (don’t say we don’t spoil you!);