Indie rock TIOGA meet a new wave sound in the truly powerful “Break Me In”

Philadelphia based alternative indie-rock band TIOGA are certainly ones to watch in today’s music industry. As a quartet, they establish a strong forcefield of new wave mixed with the exotic flavouring that indie rock portrays. Shining through a dance sound, “Break Me In” compliments a synth pop nature while meeting the noughties indie vibes.

“Break Me In is the sound of relinquishing control to an overwhelming and inevitable interpersonal force set against a backdrop of syncopated bass and guitar tones inspired by the early days of MTV” says TIOGA.

Youthful, fresh and surrounded with nostalgia, there’s a sense of swagger in lead vocalist’s Greg’s performance. A hopeful number that longs for forgiveness and a sense of letting go of the past. Production wise, the glistening atmosphere that the dark track gives off makes the whole collective shine. This is a standalone single that fits into the quartet’s discography perfectly. Mixed by Joe Parella and mastered by Alex Saltz (David Bowie, Vampire Weekend), TIOGA prove that they’re working to the top fast and furiously. We expect good things from these guys, and they’re a band that just keep on giving and proving us right. 

Listen to the anthem below, it’ll get you dancing round from the get go!