In these deeply political times, it’s easy to get wrapped up in anger, frustration and confusion, LA’s The Wild Wild’s new track ‘Love Is God (Perfect Mirrors)’ helps the listener take a step back to realise that love is the “truest form of protest”.

The track, created in a “recycled wooden tiny house studio (mostly resembling a garden shed)”, is a catchy, poppy and uplifting song that despite preconceptions about the title, doesn’t feel religious or psychedelic, instead it feels like an exploration of minimalism and growth. Beginning with organic, twinkling electronics that steadily grow in power with the chant of “Love Is God. God Is Love” bringing brilliant percussion, backing vocals and guitars with it.

Through its use of inspired lyrics and uplifting vocals, the track puts life into perspective, culminating in a sample that spells the songs intent out more. Here, we’re reminded that “sinners, saints, lovers” and the rest are acting out their lives on a “very small stage, in a vast cosmic arena” and what unites us all is the singular concept of love.