Welcoming Teenage Priest, a solo artist who is about to drop the imaginative “Stay With Me”

First release as a solo artist, Taylor Van Ginkel created the solo project Teenage Priest in his bedroom. If you’re a fan of the lo-fi bedroom vibes that bands such as Beach Fossils portray, you’ll love Teenage Priest. You may know Taylor from playing guitar in “Bishop Briggs”, but now in his own limelight, “Stay with Me” is the humble introduction we’ve been waiting for. 

Coated with an indie arrangement, the fun loving track sounds cheery but the hidden message behind it isn’t all what it seems. Taylor had this to say on the track; This track was the first that I wrote for this project. I had an analog drum machine I’d been playing with, and punched in this loop. It just felt so good and warm. The song is about being hopeful in neglect. The song comes with a handful of others that will be released this year.’ 

The hope of not being on your own is delivered with a essence of The 1975’s approach to taking a hard subject and making it a big arrangement in it’s entirety. After a while, the repetitive nature the drum loops get’s buried, deep into your skull. Drowned in reverb, the comforting vocals are proving that the one person you can always depend on is yourself. Stay With Me fades out into the atmosphere with a bright smile cementing that Teenage Priest has arrived. 

Listen exclusively below to the indie-esque track.