A heartfelt lyricist is hard to find. That is until you cross paths with Savannah Sgro.

22 year old, Savannah Sgro, released her debut single ‘Phobia’ back in November, which already has over 100,000 streams on Spotify. All geared up and ready for the next single to drop tomorrow, Savannah interacts with the electro-pop track, “Love Me Like You Used To” on a private level. She is hurting from a far distance, even though her love is sat right there. 

Love Me Like You Used To was written by Naika and I. We were aiming to write an upbeat song, when the inner ‘sad girls’ in us came out. Johnny Simmen added his magical production on the song.”

As for the instrumentation on the track, it’s pretty stripped back. Simplicity is key sometimes and in this case, it works perfectly. The most prominent part has to be the vocals, strong but so delicate too. For fans of; Nina Nesbitt, Rae Morris and Sigrid, this songwriter is on an everlasting journey to the top.

Listen to the track ahead of it’s release tomorrow.