Bringing a radiate glow to today’s World Mental Health Day, Multimagic’s ‘Sunshine’ is vibrant and illuminates self-love

Ohio-based indie pop outfit Multimagic were founded by in 2014 by singer-songwriter Coran Stetter. Growing as the years have marched on, the band have evolved and gained a devoted fanbase in the long run. In 2016, Coran suffered from a misdiagnosis and was overprescribed prednisone and codeine, which led to a period that he described as a ‘manic daze’. Fast forward 3 years, reconnecting with music was an important part of Coran’s recovery and his journey with mental illness also because an influence on new music. Entitled “Sunshine”, it’s the first single off of Multimagic’s comeback EP and the exotic number is raring to go. 

“Like many Multimagic songs, “Sunshine” is inspired by the end of a relationship, romantic or otherwise and recognizing your own self-worth.” – Coran Stetter

Focusing on your own-self worth is important but many of us let it slip away. Proving it’s importance, the number showcases Coran’s journey and that if you work hard on yourself, you’ll get rewards. Elevating with it’s empowering message, the performance overall is mesmerising. With the EP release on the horizon, it’s good to have the exhilarating band back doing what they do best.