Celebrate the good news! Mandeville is back with electrifying “Sad News”

Combining a family affair, brothers Jack (guitar) and Max (bass) join Caroline on drums (Jack’s wife) and Matt (guitar) to create Mandeville. Showcasing a forcefield of garage rock, there’s no ignoring the sound that comes straight from the middle of Essex, and why would you want too? Gaining recognition through previous releases and live shows, the collective have supported Rat Boy, Rubber Jaw and Bad Nerves to name a few. Picking up airplay from the BBC, “Sad News” is already shaping up to be a big contender in Mandeville’s back catalogue. Taken off the forthcoming EP “White Noise” (dropping tomorrow too), expect an fabulous take on rock and roll.

“Sad News is an ode to social anxiety and the everyday triggers which can bring it on, all wrapped up with a fuzz rock bow.

There’s no escaping topics about mental health and that’s important. Hearing a band telling their story on anxiety and how it manifests into everyday things is truly fascinating. A highly anticipated topic, “Sad News” has this ability to make you feel completely safe while overthinking. Having this opposite side of the spectrum kind of feeling creates a whirlwind of emotions. Hard hitting and filled with adrenaline, the arrangement is fast and contains juicy ingredients for garage rock. Check out the single below, you won’t be disappointed. With a bright future lined up, the EP’s live tomorrow and the band are launch it in Chelmsford on Saturday, more info here