Back with his first single of the year, Logan Prescott’s “WLN” is simply a breath of fresh air

We all know that multi instrumentalist Logan Prescott is one of the best artists that have come out of Dallas, but his latest track “WLN” just hits the nail on the head. Leaping into the track, the single takes us through a journey of social boundaries. With the dance-like production, the rhythmical anthem is Logan simply at his best. Is there anything this guy can’t do?

Logan mentioned: This was one of those songs that felt like it wrote itself. I heard this beachy chorus in my head one day when I was at work. It had tons of guitars and harmonies. I had no idea what it would be about, just that it needed to sound cool. I arranged and recorded all of the instruments in the song long before I wrote a single lyric. My audio notes in my phone consisted only of mumbles and unintelligible noises making up the poppy melody I had in mind, until one day I heard these words, “Wanting – Loving – Nothing.” 

From that point, it all made sense. I wanted to write something that highlighted the nature of our social media/political crisis that’s happening. The reality that so many people were ready to fight tooth and nail over a video or status shared on social media, for things that may or may not be true, that may or may not have happened. There has been this big chaotic war going on online, and a surprising few who seem to be waving their arms, saying, ‘doesn’t this all seem a little ridiculous?’ I knew I wanted to capture that irony. Regardless of what side of the conversation a person was on – the fact that people could want so badly to convey something, not caring who it would hurt in the process for the sake of being ‘right.’ The lyrics are saying much more than they seem to, while the instruments play along to dance pop as if nothing is wrong.”

Full of wit and a lot of charisma, this flamboyant number glistens with a radiate nature. You’ll need to put sunglasses on to listen to it, it’s that summery! Influenced by the likes of The 1975 , the colourful track proves that you can get political without raising certain eyebrows. The way that he’s sharing his views on the world’s current status, as it’s not told enough, is empowering. Uplifting the nature and letting the audience think for themselves, the golden production shines throughout. Logan just keeps on getting better and better.

Listen to the new track exclusively now!