Kios are back with perhaps their most colourful song yet. “Asleep” will keep you all night

Indie rock band based in Nashville are the full of life ‘Kios’. With a vibrant nature and uplifting tracks, the trio have been compared to band Two Door Cinema Club. At the pioneer of it’s success, indie pop is definitely transforming the way that music is looked upon now. Kios are proving that it’s still good to get up and have a boogie once in a while instead of feeling down in the dumps. Back with perhaps their most colourful song yet, “Asleep” will keep you up all night with it’s memorable arrangement. 

With an atmospheric introduction, the arrangement on the track is complimented with catchy guitar hooks. Vocals sing the guitar hooks as well, creating a George Benson vibe to the track. It has a nostalgic feel to it, buried in it’s bones. As a whole, the instrumentation is fairly simple and sticks to a simple 4/4 beat. Memorable but somehow expected, the repetitive nature of the track sustains a perfect vision of what the band wanted for the track. ‘We’ve added synth driven vocals lines that call the track in the direction of indie pop while staying alternatively rooted by our percussive and indie rock elements. Asleep” retains the same upbeat, guitar driven energy that led listeners to cling to our first two singles while aiming for a more punchy yet focused sound.’ 

A new path for the members of Kios and it’s definitely going to lead them to success. Listen below to the visionary track.