Indigo Face’s ‘A Rose is a Rose’ is an empowering, genre-bending anthem

‘A Rose is a Rose’ is the latest offering from London indie-pop quartet Indigo Face.

The Track is a play on the famous Gertrude Stein quote, ‘A Rose is a Rose’. It explores identity, pondering what importance our gender and sexuality have when we interact with others. Indigo Face want to assure the LGBTQ communities that they are valid. That they have more to show for themselves than these indicators.

The song itself is a compelling blend of genres, with quasi-tribal drums backing the opening chant, leading into some funk-laden guitar and hints of electronica. It’s catchy, creative pop, propelled by a powerful message at the core.

“In a world that tells us to be like everyone else from a very young age, celebrating one’s uniqueness is an act of courage.” Indigo Face told us. “With our song we want to encourage everyone to be their own unique and beautiful self.”