Drawn to FREEMAN’s music with each listen, the infectious new number “Holding On” merges nostalgia with the present

London based singer songwriter Charlie Freeman, aka FREEMAN, returns with “Holding On”. Ahead of his upcoming album, “Love”, which is due out September 27th, the single reflects themes of the free love movement of the 60’s and 70s. Tasting that bittersweet nostalgia, the retro reflections transport us back to those eras. Channeling all the rock gods in one performance, the enthusiasm that Charlie portrays throughout is breathtaking.

‘Holding On came together on a gorgeous, sunny day at Maltbarn Studios in Wales. I already had the verses but I wasn’t thrilled with the chorus melody. I was coming up with ideas. Jamie the producer was coming up with ideas. The sheep outside the window were coming up with ideas … Then boom, all of a sudden, we both start singing pretty much exactly the same thing simultaneously! We looked at each other, cracked up laughing and were like ‘that’s the one!’ . I love that chorus, it’s uplifting and rousing and I always remember that moment. Good Times” FREEMAN stated.

As a whole, the song is a big rant to self-love and self belief. As human beings, we are always our own worst critics and Charlie represents that feeling through pure honesty to the end. Featuring a highly energy chorus that chimes an uplifting spirit, it’s a tune that you can put on to instantly cheer you up. Passionate and a whole lot of charisma, we can’t wait for the album to drop.

Listen to a cheeky exclusive below!