Find yourself in ‘Wonderland’ with Dancing on Tables latest indie-pop single

Based in Dunfermline, just outside of Edinburgh, are the wondrous five piece band Dancing on Tables. Describing their sound as the songwriting abilities of Lennon and McCartney but infused with the energy from the Libertines, the young band are promising us that the future looks bright. With already over 2 million streams on Spotify, their youthful determination is sweating out of every pore. Back with their new single “Wonderland”, you can hear ‘Big Country’ vibes in the mix. Nothing like keeping it local, ay lads?

A colourful mix highlights such an upbeat track. You won’t be feeling down in the dumps while listening to this. Lifting up spirits and having a coming of age sound to it, it’s something you’d hear in a teenage fantasy movie. Complimented with a roaring chorus and an infectious harmony, it’s nostalgic already and it’s not even released yet!

The band exclusively told us about the track; “Your early twenties is a strange age to find yourself in, especially as a musician. We have spent the last few years traveling the world because of music, something which makes it easy to forget your roots. ‘Wonderland’ is the story of us returning to the place where we grew up in Scotland (less than a mile apart from each other) to see how the town we spent our childhood in has changed, reminding ourselves to never forget where you came from.” 

Getting goosebumps already! The contagious single will sit comfortably on your ‘happy’ playlist. Out tomorrow, brace yourselves for impact boys.