The secret to ‘Living Fine’: Smooth your soul with a splash of Conditioner.

We all know the secret to smooth, luscious locks: a nourishing conditioner complete with soy proteins, bamboo extract and a dash of coconut – or something of the sort. But to smooth the soul? A little splash of LA duo Conditioner ought to do the trick.

Bandmates Aaron Kirkbride and Riley McCuskey both grew up in Los Angeles, but didn’t meet until freshman year at Pennsylvania University, where they formed a band hell-bent on covering their naughties alt-rock favourites at local venues around campus. It wasn’t until a few years after graduating the duo reconvened – fresh with new experiences and musical-know-how – to form the Conditioner we know and love: a musical project that draws from the best of their musical influences to craft smooth ‘n’ silky left-field pop.

‘Living Fine’ is the latest release from the duo, a laid-back cruise of a tune that brings groove by the dozen, teasing old-school disco-esque vibes from the opening slap of bass, whilst lush, ambient synth chords and meandering guitar-work weaves seamlessly through the soundscape in syncopated, rhythmic heaven.

“We’re proud of how tightly locked in the groove is on this song and how direct the lyrics are,”¬†explains Riley.¬†“We usually tend to throw a ton of chords and more abstract lyrical imagery into our songs, but on ‘Living Fine’ we experimented with trying to be more straightforward and focused really intensely on letting the song bounce along and tell the story at its own pace.”

Yet, just beneath this happy-go-lucky guise of rhythmic prowess and chilled-out groove lies the emotional perils of “trying to stay friends with an ex, immediately after a break-up.” ‘Living Fine’ chronicles the pain of that journey, and comes to the astute realisation that sometimes, you just have to give yourself the space you need.