It’s more than physical in Cass Miller’s new hit single “Just Like Us”

Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Cass Miller now resides in Los Angeles. Blending a refreshing amount of dream like vocals, Cass’ music could be described as a hazy pop atmosphere that can melt you with it’s true desire. As her first official release since 2017, “Just Like Us” is off her upcoming debut EP. Vulnerable and inspired by shying away from making the first move, the new track is one that can bless anyone’s ears and it’s 100% relatable. 

“I wrote “Just Like Us” about my shy tendencies when it comes to approaching someone I’m interested in. I usually always wait for them to make the first move. The only problem is…the person I’m interested in is normally just as shy as I am in making a move, so we never get anywhere! I’m learning to work on that though. I hope that people can relate to this song…I know that not everyone is bold when it comes to relationships!”

As a whole, the production is painted like a rainbow. Filled with colours and a wide knowledge of making sure that the listeners stay there, the arrangement is blessed with space. There’s enough going on and Cass’ breath like vocals serenade the track like an angel sent from heaven. Drawing influence from the 80’s as a prominent era, the number has a fresh take on the modern world and the insecurities that lie with it. Another beautifully crafted song that Cass should be mega proud of.