Stopping you in your tracks with it’s pure honesty, Bora York return with the heart aching “I Finally Let My Heart Grow Again”

Bora York consists of husband and wife duo Chris and Rebekah Bartels. As previous Born Music artists, I was lucky enough to premiere their beautiful track “Dry Land” a few months back. Returning with such purity and engaging the audience from the first note, “I Finally Let My Heart Grow Again” is simply Bora York at their most honest. Written in an emotional state, the elegant number seems to be a rebirth for the duo in a time where they needed it the most.

“I thought this was a love song when I first started writing it, and I’m sure it can be that for some. But, after awhile, I realised I was actually writing this as a desperate plea to my own creative heart. I had lost that for awhile, and I felt broken. Everything felt off. I was desperate for my heart, my creative heart, to grow again” stated Chris.

Robyn-esque vocals, Rebekah’s vocals are a comfort in what seems to be the darkness for the duo. Simply indicating that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, the luscious chord progression is some of the best work I’ve heard from the duo. Production wise, it’s spacious with lots of room, but polished with it’s indie-pop approach. Warming and a sense of ‘everything will be ok’, the new single is destined to make their upcoming album a big part of the duo’s career.

Check out the captivating number below.