After a handful of years of being a band, the alt rock collective Atlas Run are back with their sentimental track “D-Day”

Glasgow based band Atlas Run are back with what may be their most special track yet. Sitting behind them, they have a comfortable discography with some fantastic tracks already released. “D-Day” is being released tomorrow and will hold a close impact on the band for a while to come. Known for not only released high studio quality tracks but for captivating an audience at live shows too. After finding their tracks, they’re definitely on my list to see this year. 

With a heartfelt nature, the infectious new tune will be pulling at the heart strings. ‘D-Day’ has more of a pop punk structure to the band’s other tracks but instrumentally, it stills hold close to Alternative Rock. Glaswegian vocals summit the air with passion and a personal related atmosphere. If I had to pick a song from their discography to introduce the band to a friend, it would be this one. It captures all the right elements and feels close to home.

The band had this to say on the process of the track;
“We’re so excited to finally be releasing D-Day. The first of many new tracks we’ll be dropping over the coming months. It’s a short, energetic burst of driving Indie Rock with a wee touch in Pop Punk in there too. Lyrically, it deals with a sense of inevitability and disconnect within a relationship.  We love playing this one live. The energy really comes through and the little groove after the first chorus is great fun to play. It’s also the first track we’ve released with our new guitarist Cammy so it feels quite exciting and fresh. Thanks a lot to Born Music for premiering the track for us!”

Listen now!