No need for apologies in AIR APPARENT’s fiery “Sorry”

Indian-American producer Neil Sethi aka AIR APPARENT resides in San Francisco. Breathing in a sound that you could only picture in the perfect dream, this is completely reality. Featuring singer Krysta Youngs, “Sorry” showcases two musicians thoroughly in their element. Drawing influence from James Blake, Japanese Breakfast and Purity Ring, the past 3 years have introduced Sethi to the limelight. With his 7 track second EP “Color Dreams” due to release in August, there’s no doubt that the songwriter will be marking his territory at the top. 

“Sorry” is shimmering synth pop of the highest order, making a solid dark horse bid for that song you’re gonna want to have on repeat by a pool this summer.

Sticking with a simple pop structure, the arrangement around the track features modulated synths, spacious reverb and a genre-bending rhythm. Krysta’s vocals are natural and comfortable within the number. Colourful paint drips out of every pour in the song, and it’s no wonder the single’s been described as a shimmering pop hit. Available to stream below, AIR APPARENT’s “Sorry” will be top of the charts in no time.