Featuring Adrian Hibbs in his natural habitat, the experimental new number is a hit

Returning to the scene with a fresh new hit, “The Ostrich” is hands down Adrian Hibbs’ best track to date. Known as a versatile keyboard player and colourful music arranger, Adrian’s vibrant sound illuminates array of influences. Drawing R&B, electro-funk and soul to the table, his distinctive sound could well rocket his career to the top. 

Adrian mentioned: “The origin of the ostrich concept came from a life changing breakup about two years ago but the original session for the album actually began in 2010 with legendary Motown drummer James Gadson.  After nearly a decade I managed to salvage his drum takes a re-record all the music (The Ostrich being the first)…. I will be releasing more over the next few months…” 

The key to an infectious number from Adrian Hibbs is a dark-synth bass production while live drums and strings illuminate the atmosphere with a sinister presence. As for the spoken word throughout the number, the sample sounds like one of the kids out of The Goonies. Overall, the track will get into your bones and become a part of you, it is THAT contagious. A soundscape unlike any other I’ve heard this year.