Birmingham band QUINN aren’t ones to beat around the bush, so much so that they’ve said it first: they’ve had a successful 2016. The past year saw the duo cementing themselves as ones to watch on their hometown circuit and supporting a bunch of buzzy bands including Evan Dando, The Orielles and INHEAVEN.

Galvanised and keen to keep up the momentum, vocalist, guitarist and songwriter Sam Lambeth set about creating the follow up to their debut EP – but he soon found himself in a quandary. “I usually write from a negative place, as a way of exorcising my demons, but 2016 was such a successful year that I found myself struggling with writer’s block.” At a bit of a loss, Lambeth found himself traipsing through old haunts for a change of scenery and encountered a lot of old ghosts. “A lot of memories came flooding back – the mates I used to hang out with, the hijinks I would pull, the girls I wouldn’t…and it was quite interesting looking back with an “adult”s perspective, and deciphering what I’d do differently.”

This aforementioned spark of inspiration launched Lambeth into crafting the tracks that would comprise their as-of-yet untitled EP, which is to be released in July. The first song to debut from it is ‘I Wasted It’, a spritely yet bittersweet ode to a lost love that builds upon their previous tracks ‘Sixteen Vandals’, ‘Near To You’ and ‘All The Lazy Hipsters’ and weaves a bit more Pavement into their lo-fi Smashing Pumpkins vibe.

With Quinn having previous for creating quirky, DIY videos, the accompanying piece for ‘I Wasted It’ – in which Lambeth mopes over the demise of his long-term relationship with his guitar – is no different. “The video cost £1.80 to make, for the orange juice that the guitar sips,” says Lambeth. “It’s our most expensive video to date. The original video idea called for a human-sized dog instead of the guitar, but our drummer was not keen to spend all day in a Dalmatian onesie.”

Quinn’s video for ‘I Wasted It’ is available now. They support The Goon Sax on Monday 5th June and Birmingham’s Hare and Hounds alongside The Bank Accounts.