• Flawes head to the ‘Ghost Town’ with ROZES

    October 14, 2019  /  Flawes


    It’s a big day for indie-pop outfit Flawes, as they announce their debut album Highlights, set for release in January 2020. Plus, they’ve dropped new track ‘Ghost Town’, one that they’ve collaborated on with ROZES.  [READ MORE]

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  • Aaron Taos is searching for ‘Closure’

    October 12, 2019  /  Aaron Taos


    Sharing the first taste of his upcoming EP, Aaron Taos has delivered us one hell of a break-up anthem in ‘Closure’. We’ve all been there after a break-up where all we want [READ MORE]

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  • Maria Shockey is back and ‘Better’ than ever on her latest single

    October 4, 2019  /  Maria Shockey


    ‘Better’ is the second single coming from Nashville based, empowered, pop songstress Maria Shockey. She reliably weaves together her intelligently honest, captivating lyrics into unmistakeable, catchy hooks, using the type [READ MORE]

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  • Nadia Vaeh puts a wonderfully unique spin on Nirvana classic ‘Heart Shaped Box’

    October 3, 2019  /  Nadia Vaeh


    As a new music blog it is rare that we tend to feature covers, but we’re more than happy to be presented with exceptions to the rule. Nadia Vaeh‘s re-imagining [READ MORE]

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  • ‘Supermarkets’ is the ethereally tranquil new single from Birthh

    October 2, 2019  /  Birthh


    The 22-year-old singer, songwriter and producer Birthh has returned with her beatiful new single ‘Supermarkets’. It’s a playful, pop-leaning track that marries folk-tinged songwriting, laid-back jazz grooves and an undercurrent of glitchy [READ MORE]

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  • ‘Hotel Room’ is a catchy alt-pop gem from rising artist Lauren Sanderson

    October 1, 2019  /  Lauren Sanderson


    Fiery emerging artist Lauren Sanderson has dropped her latest single ‘Hotel Room’. The track sees the young artist showcasing pop sensibilities and fire beyond her years. This bittersweet alt-pop gem resonates [READ MORE]

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  • nodisco. share ‘Thoughts From Your Car’

    September 25, 2019  /  nodisco.


    Toronto’s newest indie-pop outfit, nodisco. has made their debut with anxiety-driven, pop single ‘Thoughts From Your Car’. Catchy and upbeat, but entirely personal and relatable, evoking thoughts of All Tvvins and Francis [READ MORE]

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  • ‘Animal’ is a perfect showcase of MCAULEY’s unique brand of unhinged pop

    September 25, 2019  /  MCAULEY


    ‘Animal’ is the first single from MCAULEY, the alter-ego of singer-songwriter/actress Lanie McAuley. With the track, she has finally found her sound: raw, unhinged, anthemic and sweetly imperfect. ANIMAL explores [READ MORE]

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  • Four of Diamonds showcase pop gold on ‘Eating Me Up’

    September 24, 2019  /  Four of Diamonds


    Four of Diamonds’ journey so far has been wild from start to now, but with their new effort ‘Eating Me Up’, they’re really taking a step up. Their past few singles [READ MORE]

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