• The Citie aren’t convinced by their ex or their ‘Sad Eyes’ on their latest single

    September 18, 2019  /  The Citie


    California outfit The Citie have returned with their latest single ‘Sad Eyes’. The track, an ode to “all your shitty ex’s” is a scathing assessment of its subject matter. The [READ MORE]

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  • Annabel Allum’s ‘Baby Bird’ is an incredible EP opener

    September 18, 2019  /  Annabel Allum

    Choosing the track to open up an EP or an album must be difficult. But, when the decision is right, it makes an incredible impact. That’s exactly what’s happened here [READ MORE]

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  • New Nervous Kind are ‘Going Nowhere’ on new track

    September 18, 2019  /  New Nervous Kind


    New track from New Nervous Kind, ‘Going Nowhere’ is a full of energy statement of intent. Hints of nostalgia throughout, there’s nothing about this track that isn’t to the point. A homage [READ MORE]

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  • South of France strikes a blasé tone in ‘Comme Ça’

    September 12, 2019  /  South of France

    Denver musician South of France is on to a winner. Why? Well his new single ‘Comme Ça’ is already confirmed to be included in the next season of BoJack Horesman; not bad [READ MORE]

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  • The Honest Heart Collective encourage opening up on empowering rock single ‘Fine.’

    September 14, 2019  /  The Honest Heart Collective


    Anchored by four lifelong friends, The Honest Heart Collective was born from brothers Ryan and Nic MacDonald, a moment at a Springsteen concert, and a rotating cast of musicians made [READ MORE]

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  • Rising LA star Delacey shows off her cinematic side on blockbuster new single ‘Actress’

    September 14, 2019  /  Delacey


    Born Music favourite Delacey is back with her latest single ‘Actress’. The track sees the artist continue to develop her sultry sound, this time with more indie rock sensibilities, showcasing intricate [READ MORE]

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  • Basement Revolver air the anthemic shoegaze of ‘Wax & Digital’

    September 11, 2019  /  Basement Revolver


    Canadian outfit Basement Revolver build upon their existing sound with their new single ‘Wax & Digital’. Their first single since the release of last year’s album Heavy Eyes, ‘Wax & Digital’ is the title [READ MORE]

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  • girl in red knows you’re a ‘bad idea!’ (but still…)

    September 10, 2019  /  girl in red


    Emerging Norwegian artist girl in red returns with her new single ‘bad idea!’. Taken from her newly released EP chapter 2, the track captures a peppy, feel-good tone despite its audible frustrations. [READ MORE]

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  • Riley and the Roxies craft something exquisite on ‘Lullaby’

    September 9, 2019  /  Riley and the Roxies


    Claiming that it’s a “song for you to swim to”, Riley and the Roxies have dropped an exquisite indie bop in ‘Lullaby’. Based in LA and released on Ildefonso, Riley and the Roxies [READ MORE]

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