• ‘All I’ve Got’ is a soft spot for Alex Francis, here’s why…

    November 20, 2017  /  Alex Francis


    Location: Hertfordshire FFO: Rothwell, Cattle & Cane Label: Unsigned   ‘All I’ve Got’ is the latest from Alex Francis’, striking an honest chord as he confesses “the way I live my life in [READ MORE]

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  • Bradley Stone Teams Up With SONIK For Folktronic Epic

    November 17, 2017  /  Bradley Stone & Sonik


    Location: Byron Bay, Australia FFO: Nick Cunnigham, Lakyn Label: Fyne Cutz Byron Bay singer-songwriter, Bradley Stone, has just dropped this jaw dropping single. ‘Fly to You’ is a collaboration with [READ MORE]

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  • Rosie Carney Shares Cool Folk Track ‘Winter’

    November 17, 2017  /  Rosie Carney


    Location: Donegal, Ireland FFO: Mt. Joy, Astronaut Husband Label: X Novo With her effortless vocals drifting like smoke over her fluid fingerstyle guitar playing, Rosie Carney‘s latest track will take your [READ MORE]

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  • Tia Gostelow gives us song to satisfy ‘Hunger’

    November 15, 2017  /  Tia Gostelow


    Location: Queensland, Australia FFO: ELKI, The Money War Label: Unsigned Indie folk singer Tia Gostelow doesn’t disappoint on third single ‘Hunger’. With guitar chords you swear you’ve heard before and [READ MORE]

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  • Here’s something ‘for your consideration’: Jack Vanity’s soulful “gibber gabber”

    November 15, 2017  /  Jack Vanity


    Location: Los Angeles FFO: The Raconteurs Label: Unsigned   Jack Vanity, the stage name of self-titled crooner Max Goldenstein, has more than just a little soul. Hailing from Los Angeles, [READ MORE]

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  • Sean Christopher Shares ‘Carry On’

    November 11, 2017  /  Sean Christopher


    Location: Bristol, UK FFO: Jono McCleery, Charles Pasi Label: Dumont Dumont The follow up to UK debut ‘Paper Plane Pilot’, Sean Christopher is back with ‘Carry On’.  Both tracks are taken from [READ MORE]

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  • Laure Z’s debut is both simple and symphonic

    November 8, 2017  /  Laure Z


    Location: Los Angeles, US FFO: Marika Hackman, Laura Marling Label: Unsigned French folk singer Laure Z shares her debut single ‘I Will Follow’. The first taste of her EP Girls [READ MORE]

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  • Lake Jons show their true ‘Colors’ with a stylish new video

    November 7, 2017  /  Lake Jons


    Location: Helsinki FFO: Antti Pouta, Rooxx Label: AntiFragile Music   Having been on the scene since 2014, Lake Jons have come along way as their new track ‘Colors’ points out the evolution their sound has [READ MORE]

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  • Tuvaband warm our hearts with ‘Mess’

    November 7, 2017  /  Tuvaband


    Location: Oslo/England FFO: Tusks, IDER Label: Brilliance Records   Tuvaband have been regularly regarded as one of the best new bands to come out of Scandinavia. The haunting, wintry atmosphere created by Tuva Marschhaüser’s [READ MORE]

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